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"The project started as an unfinished shell. From the first nail to placing the  toss pillows, it was all Vicci.  Vicci Franz Interior Design, LLC has a refined approach to making modern design which results in rich, warm, detailed, and unique spaces. She has an ability to create cohesion in bringing one amazing moment after another together in our home. The design is gorgeous; and she never stops thinking about function, versatility and that a variety of different people will use the space.  Vicci has a process that you need to trust.  She listens, and you are heard, and the options made available will be amazing.  Give the design process an opportunity to unfold and develop over time.  It should not be rushed.  Vicci is a gifted designer."

 - Tim M. and Matt G., New York, NY



"If anyone would ask about my experience in working with you,  I would tell them that you are knowledgeable, professional, have a great sense of style, and know the products well.  This is so important to me because I know what I like to see, but I do not have the creativity, knowledge, or cofidence to make it happen for myself, and you do!   I hired you because both of my homes functioned, but not the way I wanted, they didn't make me happy.  I felt comfortable asking for your assistance, and I was confident in your recommendations.  You were there when I needed you...every time!  You were willing to take my budget into consideration and work within those limits to give me the look I wanted.  I honestly couldn't be happier with my experience working with you/your firm.  You were fantastic!  Since the renovation, I cannot wait to wake up each morning and enjoy a cup of coffee in my new kitchen/ family room.  I am so excited to be able to live in a house that makes me happy.”

  -Traci Z., Slippery Rock, PA 



“Vicci will bring a high degree of professionalism and charm to the project,” said Frank and Diana. "The main reason we hired Vicci Franz Interior Design is because of our prior experience with Vicci as a designer and project manager on our commercial projects, and she has good creative designs.  We were most excited about the results of the elements that Vicci participated in, as they turned out very well; and we were able to accomplish our objectives with Vicci’s assistance.  We converted a house with no charm into a house that has many charming aspects to it now.  The best part of working with Vicci’s Firm is her ability to get the details right.  Vicci has excellent color sense and good taste.  She created a ‘WOW’ experience for us.”

  -Frank and Diana R. of Pittsburgh, PA and Palm Beach, FL



"The main reason we hired Vicci was her approach, her thorough presentation of the proposed work for us and her in-depth design knowledge.  Prior to her work, our newly acquired office buildings needed renovated to our specifications and needs.  Since the renovations, our office buildings are beautiful and very functional.  The best part of working with Vicci was that she was always very helpful and thorough.  She was willing to answer any questions and made sure all aspects were carried out to our specifications.  I would tell anyone considering working with her firm that she can be trusted to carry out the project to the end, meeting the desired results."       Nancy S., Pittsburgh, PA



“I choose you initially based solely on your design portfolio and photo gallery.  So many other Designers are more traditional or create much more ornate spaces.  I loved the photos of the work that you had done.  Your designs are sleek and beautiful, yet warm and inviting.  They shout sophistication but still have a very practical approach.  That was exactly what I wanted!


Our Master bedroom and bath simply wasn't finished.  We had redone the attic space several years before but never completed some of the finishes and decorated.  We had most of the major pieces, but were stuck deciding how to finish off the tops of our cabinetry, what to do around our bed and which sconces to buy, etc.  I also didn't know what to do with the slanted ceilings.  I couldn't hang pictures, but they looked so bare.  This was a tricky space to finish and I just could not come up with ideas.


Vicci was wonderful and so creative.  She designed a wood and fabric headboard with mounted sconces that I could have never imagined!   The space is now cozy and sleek.  I now walk into my bedroom and bath and an overwhelming sense of calm comes over me.  Before I was anxious...nothing was finished.  There were stacks of paper everywhere.  Cabinet tops and strip lighting were exposed.  It was unnerving.  I needed a place in our home that is just mine and kept tidy and organized.  This bedroom is so wonderful and calming but has such a sophistication to it.  I love it.  This is now the best spot in our house.  I am most excited that it's finished and wonderful!


My experience in working with Vicci was absolutely how I hoped it would be.  Vicci is incredibly organized and detail oriented but keeps precision timing when getting things done.  Vicci's online website and computer design program make it super easy to communicate and see your project's progress.  Everything is right there at your fingertips.  But above all, she listened during our initial meeting to exactly what I wanted and envisioned for my bedroom.  She came up with a beautiful contemporary design that was more than I could have hoped for, let alone created, and she carried out the building and installation with precision.


She went above and beyond to make my project all that I hoped it would be.  This is so important to me because I have incredibly limited time.  It simply wasn't a reality for me to finish my bedroom and master bath on my own.  I also lack design flair and coordination.  I needed someone who is creative and has vision to come in and get this project done.  Vicci did that perfectly!


The best part about working with you is that you ARE fun to work with, you 'get' what I wanted, you came up with a design and carried it out quickly!  You always arrived at my house smiling and are an absolute pleasure!" 

    -K. Luhn, Pittsburgh, PA       



“Vicci is a wonderful professional to work with on every level of a project. Her attention to detail clearly shows on every single project she accomplishes. She is always looking out for the best interest of her clients. Her accuracy of layout and specifications makes it very easy for final installation of the project. She is a "Top Shelf" Professional and Designer.       -Goshia K., Sales and Marketing Manager, Pittsburgh, PA



“Vicci's creative talent and innovative approach to Interior Design makes her stand out from her peers. What makes Vicci stand out with her clients is not only her pure design expertise, but perhaps more importantly, her ability to manage the financial, budgetary and business aspects of delivering a successful project.”       -Debra K., Executive Vice President, Mt. Lebanon Office Equipment, Pittsburgh, PA



“Vicci is an amazingly organized and detailed designer with a refreshing eye for timeless design! One of the few who understand the importance of proper acoustics.  I look forward to working with her again!” 

   -Matt Oeler, President Oeler Industries, Inc.


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