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Within the commercial design setting, your brand is identified as soon as a client walks through your doors.  What are you saying to the world?  Or what is your interior saying for you?


Have you found the perfect building for your professional needs but the interior is lacking an updated aesthetic? Would you be shocked to know that this Lobby used to be dark and dismal?  The old interior was composed of brown brick, very little natural light, orange quarry tile flooring and the monumental stair was located where the reception desk is currently.  A great interior designer can make any space amazing.  Your image and building can be amazing too- not to mention the increased productivity from your staff.  Everyone is influenced by a stunning interior. 


​Are you coming home to your oasis?  Your home could resemble your favorite hotel, spa, or refuge; isn't it time to pamper yourself?  Let's create the memories of you with your children and your children's children laughing and cuddling together, enjoying their favorite movie. 


Maybe you dream about sharing your favorite glass of wine with friends in your new gourmet kitchen? The wine is paired with your favorite cheese as jazz is playing in the background.  Can't you just see it?  Does it makes you smile?  It is possible, you have been considering it for sometime.  Let me help you create these memories in your home; the place where all your friends and family want to gather and indulge in the best that life has to offer.  The small but powerful everyday experiences, the memories of tomorrow.

Specialty Projects

​Various specialty projects, awards and honors.  See creative installations, published works, and additional work examples.

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