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The Design Process and Design Methods

The Design Process

​​The design process begins with an idea- your idea.  Maybe you would like something different, something that flows better, something that speaks more closely to how you work or play.  

After you communicate the general concept of your needs, the space, how it should function, how you work or would like to work, I will help you figure out the rest.  We begin with what is existing. Talk about what could be. 

Then I will present drawings or renderings of the vision, materials or products that we could use, and with your approval, the design drawings would be completed. 

I would purchase product, coordinate sequencing and finally observe on site the installation, or construction of the project. Providing you with a turn key solution, isolating you from the time and headaches of a typical renovation project.


​​While deciding upon a color scheme, proportion, scale or content; renderings will often be used to help convey the design concept to you.  Renderings are a quick and fluid way to illustrate the subtleties of a design concept and aide in the discussions to finalize details.

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